It’s a gas: a seasonal energy spread

Yours truly has the dubious distinction of possessing a psychic stomach. Whenever the seasons change, I often sense the shift somewhere in the region of my belly button a week or two before even small outward signs appear. It’s a kind of restless excitement, a loss and a yearning, a hollow feeling as big as the whole world. Or maybe it’s just gas and I’m attributing something significant to it, à la confirmation bias. Or perhaps, to the astonishment of all, it’s psychic gas!

Anyway, whatever this temporal gastroenterological thing is, it always drives me low-key crazy. Rather than just stew in it as in years past, irritated and existential, this time ‘round I decided to use a spread to see what I can do with this change in season and thus, energy. My shitty diagram is below. Do it whenever you feel or see the shift of season around you.


It’s supposed to suggest an outward moving spiral.


In the reading I did for myself, I got The Hermit in the first position, Death in the second, and The Star in the third.




The energy available to me during this period is the stillness and inner retreat of The Hermit. As anyone who has practised meditation knows, it takes a lot of effort—and energy—to be still. The Hermit resists the draw of outward distractions that would only tap energy that could be better spent on contemplation. She tends her own flame exactly so that it can shine brighter for herself and those around her.




Tending this flame isn’t always an easy process. Diligent and mindful stillness requires the sacrifice of those things that would work against The Hermit’s energy, things like fruitless and pointless distractions. To properly utilise The Hermit’s energy will require the Death of emotional, mental and spiritual clutter. In a way the very process of a retreat is Death: in removing myself from things, things are removed from me in turn. This is good and right and leads to renewal.




Renewal, though, is a funny thing. It isn’t always visible. The Star tells me that even if I succeed at utilising The Hermit’s energy, the results might not be materially tangible. Nevertheless, the inward qualities of The Star—hope and connectedness—will make all the difference to me. To a layperson, a single star’s twinkle might not be especially discernible, but the collective gives us the glory of the Milky Way.


“You can’t handle the truth!” Reflections on Justice


Lucky old me had “Justice” as my stalker card all week. I spent more than a moment staring at Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Tarot version of it, puzzled. “Decisions, karma,” the Not-So-LWB said, and like every other relatively innocuous person in the history of the world, I had a brief sensation of terror: which of my sins would come back to haunt me? Then I remembered I don’t subscribe to karma and went from horrified to horrified and confused.

Perhaps Justice is not so much about decisions and karma here as it is about its central concept, that of truth. How can one have justice without truth? But what is the truth? In the Tarot, The Fool steps off the cliff (or tumbles from the branch, in The Wild Unknown) in search of truth, only to discover The World at the end of an inner journey. The truth has been inside her all this time. It’s not a lesson taught so much as it is a journey of rediscovery. Similarly, tarot’s Justice isn’t concerned with external laws. It isn’t about the truth so much as it’s about a truth in your life right now.


I’ve been staring at both cats on the Justice card, insisting that there’s a choice to be made: an external “truth” to trump an inner truth. But my gut’s been right all along. Don’t do it. Step back. Trust God. In other words, retreat like the Hermit, the Fool’s next stop after Justice. Today was a reminder of that in miniature. There’s no way to skip the inner contemplation of the Hermit and expect to get past The Wheel of Fortune, another stalker card, unscathed.


Stepping back as a way to move forward is counter-intuitive. It’s why I’ve been so reluctant to retreat, like Krans’ Hermit tortoise settled in its shell, the light of inner truth burning securely atop it. I’ve wanted to do do do, even if it was only spinning wheels.

But so the Fool(e) learns! Hopefully next time round I’ll rediscover this without quite so much drama, politics and nonsense.


Deck interview: The Wild Unknown Tarot


*inhales* Ah, that new card smell! After a wait of more than a week, I finally got my Wild Unknown deck yesterday. It’s more beautiful than I’d anticipated and, true to its name, it’s got a “wild” undercurrent that doesn’t appreciate artifice or dallying. I think we’re going to get along just fine.

Since I had such a great “interview” with my old and neglected Dark Angels Tarot deck last week, I thought I’d interview my new deck in the same way. I’m not going to lie, the transition from the Universal Waite deck to this one has been a little jarring and I find myself squinting at the images of the Wild Unknown in pseudo-meditation (it’s really bewilderment, but lets at least try to keep the mystery alive, shall we?) The Universal Waite is “suburban cul-de-sac”* to the Wild Unknown’s “cabin in the woods”, so I guess some adapting is necessary. A big change for me is that The Wild Unknown doesn’t use reversals. I guess I could just invert the cards, but I’m curious to learn how to go without and doing so with a new deck seems wisest. I’m looking forward to the process.

The Wild Unknown interview


(I used Little Red Tarot’s spread again.)

1. Tell me about yourself – what is your most important characteristic?

The Chariot

It’s a confident and wilful deck, interested in helping its reader to run free like a wild horse.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?

Two of Swords

The Wild Unknown will lead you to confront things you’d rather avoid and will “cross swords” with your ego to this end.

3. What are your limits as a deck?

Father of Swords

I had trouble interpreting this one. Can a deck be too perceptive or emotionally unattached? Perhaps it’s a question of bias: its unbiased nature cuts too close to the quick?

4. What are you here to teach me?

Two of Pentacles

The word that immediately came to mind when I saw this card was “Metamorphosis”.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

Father of Wands

I can best collaborate with this deck by practising compassion, awareness and patience.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Six of Cups

A positive, joyful and nurturing relationship is on the cards.